The Book of All Books
8th GRADE:
That is all.

8th GRADE:


That is all.



The ABCs of Bitchery

Hey there, kiddies! We’ve got a special treat for you today. Ever know a bitch but can’t think of a word for the SPECIFIC type of bitch he/she is? Well fret no more because here it is! The ABC’s of Bitchery List!

A- aitch (animal bitch)
B- bitch
C- citch (cynical bitch)
D- ditch (dumb bitch)
E- eitch (easy bitch)
F- Fitch (fake bitch)
G- gitch (ghetto bitch)
H- hitch (heinous bitch)
I- itch (icy bitch)
J- jitch (jealous bitch)
K- kitch (kinky bitch)
L- litch (lying bitch)
M- Mitch (mean bitch)
N- nitch (nasty bitch)
O- oitch (obnoxious bitch)
P- pitch (pageantry bitch)
Q- quitch (quick bitch)
R- ritch (racist bitch)
S- skitch (skanky bitch)
T- titch (trashy bitch)
U- ugitch (ugly bitch)
V- vitch (vain bitch)
W- witch (white bitch)
X- xitch (Xanthippe bitch)
Y- yitch (young bitch)
Z- zitch (zealous bitch)

Well that’s all we have for you. But remember! If its a bitch, we’ve got your type! Enjoy!

So. 5 more.

Yet another installation of 5 naughty places to be doin it. Have you been thinking of any on your own?

1. At your grandparent’s house.

2. In the Cave of The Winds.

3. At the Zoo in the Lion’s den.

4. At Origami class.

5. At office max in one fo the fancy office chairs.

Oh yeah. I’s gettin hot. And…strange. ;D


I’ve decided I’m HOT

And you’re not.

Or are you?



So. I’ve been talking…

…to Ragee about sexy bras. And how I need one. And her to.

So yeah!

This is what I want:,default,pd.html?cgid=US03

Oh yeah.



Today is…

"It’s My Party Day" and yes, you may cry if you want to! But not I! I shall be planning a party. Planning a Jersey Shore party, might I add. Yes, that is right, the bestie, Bananarama and I will be hosting a Jersey Shore party this December. It’s going to be epic. Like no joke. You don’t even know. Let’s just say I’m more than excited, I’m practically ecstatic. Or you know, ebullient, elated, effervescent, etc.